Spotify’s HR team is The HR Team of the Year

November 9, 2016

The Human Growth Award’s jury has named Spotify’s HR team as HR Team of the Year. This dream team takes full advantage of its members’ skills and their passion for attracting, developing and retaining the right employees. Their Swedish approach to leadership inspires businesses and politicians the world over.

The Human Growth Award, established by Wise Group, has crowned Spotify’s HR team HR Team of the Year.

“The Human Growth Awards jury has reviewed 20 nominated HR teams,” says Roland Gustavsson, CEO of Wise Group. “It’s clear that they are all strategic, professional teams who are leading their businesses’ journeys of change. Swedish businesses are at the cutting edge when it comes to talent management and having confidence in their employees’ ability to find the right path towards achieving their goals. Spotify and its HR team have exported these qualities, inspiring politicians and other businesses to follow their lead.”

Spotify’s international HR team, which consists of 82 individuals in around 30 different countries, deals with HR work at one of the world’s most attractive workplaces. They spearhead an international search for talent, recruiting 900 new employees a year. The aim is that the combined strength and expertise of these employees will realise the founders’ vision of making all music available to everyone.

The HR team takes a Swedish view of leadership and employeeship. Its HR initiatives are based on the team’s collective expertise and the latest research, and the team exports the Swedish leadership model. In summer 2015, two Americans, a Brit and a Swede began to develop an international paid parental leave scheme. In November 2015, they launched six months of paid parental leave for all employees worldwide.

“This has attracted international attention, with politicians and businesses around the world copying and being inspired by the concept,” adds Katarina Berg, Chief HR Officer at Spotify. “Internally, it has generated a great sense of pride among our Swedish employees, and employees from other countries have described it as life-changing. They no longer need to choose between having a family and a career – they can have children, stay at home with them and then continue their career.”

The Human Growth Award is an annual prize established by Wise Group to recognise and highlight innovative HR initiatives. People management is becoming increasingly strategic for more and more businesses. This involves having the right employees, innovative teams and the capacity for change in order succeed in a future where brands have a shorter lifetime, employees change jobs more frequently and behaviours evolve at a rapid pace. The HR Team of the Year copes well with these challenges and is able to inspire others.

The team that developed Spotify’s paid parental leave:
Tiffany Serra, Compensation and Benefit Manager from the USA
Michael Kim, Global HR Business Partner from the USA
Laurie Benson, HR Generalist from the UK
Katarina Berg, Chief HR Officer at Spotify

The selection process for the HR Team of the Year finalists:
– The Human Growth Award, established by Wise Group, received 37 nominations for the HR Team of the Year award.
– Based on the nominations and further research, 20 HR teams were selected and asked follow-up questions.
– Five teams were chosen for in-depth interviews, in which the whole or part of the team was interviewed by the jury.
– The three finalists – Cybercom, K-Rauta and Spotify – were asked additional questions, and three managers from each company provided references and described the strategic work carried out by the HR team.
– Spotify was named HR Team of the Year.

Stockholm, 9 November 2016

Roland Gustavsson, CEO, Wise Group, tel. +46 (0)70 431 2906
Elisabet Wohlfahrt, Head of Culture, Wise Group, tel. +46 (0)705 24 6544

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